Gain from our road-tested skills and expertise to make your big ideas a real thing with discipline, speed, boldness and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Startup Launch Sprint

Every startup is a pursuit of opportunity for which entrepreneur spend most part of his life to design, launch and grow the business. During 5-day startup launch sprint, we apply field-tested process to build a valuable product, validate it with real customers, develop the business plan and launch checklist so that you achieve your success.

Biz Growth Sprint

We combine over 3 decades of learning of working for at highly reputable organizations, building half a dozen startups, raising $2 million in funding and generating over $10 million in sales. During the program we help you prepare business blueprint, mentoring and coaching you need to achieve your business goals.

Product Launch Sprint

Our Product Launch Framework guides business team with proven strategies, tactics and hacks to innovate and transform their product into a market leading opportunity. You are sure of building the product that your customers love and you stay ahead of the value curve offering irresistible products and services to your customer.


Ishwar Jha believes in ethics, speed and boldness of entrepreneurship.

At age 19, he started an IT solutions company to fund his livelihood and educational expenses.

Ishwar started working as a software coder in year 1992 with Patel Roadways Limited.
In the year 2005, he co-founded Digital Media Convergence Limited as a wholly owned digital media company for Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited.
In the year 2010, he decided to quit from the corporate life as Head of Digital Services at Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited.

Since 2010, he has started 3 businesses including AvaniTV – World’s First 3G Car TV service company and successfully exited 2 out of these 3 companies.

Ishwar now runs Appetals Solutions, a technology innovation company offering revenue and profitability centric solutions to the leading global client.

When he’s not busy running the business, he is either doing “Zero to Crore” workshop with entrepreneurs or “Design Your Career Life” workshop with students.

Ishwar is on his mission to help 10,000 entrepreneurs and 1 million students achieve their life goals through training, coaching, mentoring and advisory.

He speaks nationwide (sometimes globally) on a range of topics; entrepreneurship, career skills, technology, and spirituality. He’s addressed over 50,000 people and the journey continues…

He’s been featured in various leading national and international magazine including:

More than 200 articles on technology and business is written and published by Ishwar Jha. He regularly posts his blog on zerotocrore.com.


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